deny commands

settings: deny commands ♡

  • when enabled, the deny commands settings disables commands from being used in the specified channel.

  • when someone uses a mimu command in a channel where commands are denied, mimu will respond with a message stating such.

autoresponders and enabled pick spawn channels both still function in channels where commands are denied. to disable autoresponders in a denied channel as well, we recommend using {denychannel:} or {requirechannel:}variables, with more info here

  • to add a channel, use /set deny channels -- a dropdown menu with the server's channels will appear. you can then add the channels you'd like to deny mimu commands in.

  • to change the message that gets sent when someone uses a command in a channel that doesn't allow such, use /set deny message message:text here

changing the deny commands message is a premium server feature.

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