click a button to verify

please make sure you have set up the verified role (instructions can be found in self-verification system)

for typing "i agree" or ".verify" commands, please read type "i agree" to verify

use a button responder and /send command

  1. create a button responder:

    /buttonresponder add name:verify label:click to verify color:green reply:{addrole: read n agreed to rules}{embed:#ceb3af}hello {user} ~ thank you for agreeing to the rules of in {server_name} ! you have gained access to the rest of our server ^-^ we hope you enjoy your stay!

{addrole:} - adds the specified role in the brackets; this should refer to the verified role that gives the permission

{embed} - would make it embed with the default embed color of the server; in this case to customise the color, we used {embed:#ceb3af} instead.

you can also link a premade embed with {embed:embed_name_here}. more information on embeds can be found in the guide: your first embed.

note: you can also use the {dm} variable - but buttons respond ephemerally (only to the user in the channel, and never have permission issues) so it is recommended not to for buttons.

  1. send instructions and button to the rules channel:

    /send channel:#rules content:{addbutton:verify}{embed} click the button below to verify !

{addbutton:} - attaches a button (with the name of the button in the brackets) to the message.

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