greet/welcome embed

✎ step one

  • create the embed by using /embed create name:greet_embed

  • you can name the embed anything you'd like, however we strongly recommend naming it something simple and easy to remember.

✎ step two

  • now we can edit the details of our embed to our liking

  • remember : you can either outright use these edit commands, or use the buttons + modals from creating your embed to have an interactive text form.

  • to edit the author to the user's avatar and name/tag, use /embed edit author embed:greet_embed text:{user_name} icon:{user_avatar}

  • to edit the title, use /embed edit title embed:greet_embed title:welcome to {server_name}, cutie!

  • edit the description using /embed edit description embed:greet_embed description:- get your roles in #roles

    - remember to read the #rules

    - [link to server](

Discord on PC/Desktop/select devices do not allow new lines in slash commands. if you're looking to have new lines/better spacing in your embed, we recommend either going through the text modal OR using the {newline} variable in place of where you want a new line to start.

  • add the server icon as your thumbnail using /embed edit thumbnail embed:greet_embed image:{server_icon}

  • you can set the timestamp by using /embed edit timestamp embed:greet_embed timestamp:True

  • add a footer using /embed edit footer embed:greet_embed text:you are our {server_membercount_ordinal} member!

  • you can edit the color of your embed by using /embed edit color embed:greet_embed color:#ffeeff

  • in the end, you should have an embed like below if you followed the guide exact

✎ step three

  • mimu now needs to know that we'd like this embed to be apart of our greet.

  • use /set greet message message:welcome, {user}! {embed:greet_embed} to set the greet message to a short welcome, pinging the user, and the embed we just created.

  • we also need to set our greet channel using /set greet channel channel:#welcome

✎ step four

  • we can test our greet using /test greet

  • testing our greet should yield the results below ::

if mimu doesn't send the greet message to the channel, it means it has no permissions to do so. you can check by using /ping in the greet channel and seeing if it responds. no response = no permissions.

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