command x button roles

this example guide helps you create a displayable list for all of your available roles to be triggered by users as needed, as well as the buttons for when users want to add that role to themselves or reset the roles from that menu

✎ buttonresponder commands

/buttonresponder add name:addpink reply:{addrole:@pink}{embed} you now have the pink role! label::pink_heart: pink color:grey /buttonresponder add name:addblue reply:{addrole:@blue}{embed} you now have the blue role! label::blue_heart: blue color:grey /buttonresponder add name:addyellow reply:{addrole:@yellow}{embed} you now have the yellow role! label::yellow_heart: yellow color:grey

/buttonresponder add name:resetcolors reply:{removerole:@pink}{removerole:@blue}{removerole:@yellow}{embed} okie, i've taken away any color roles you had. label::red_x: reset roles color:red

✎ autoresponder commands

/autoresponder add trigger:.selfroles reply:{addbutton:addpink}{addbutton:addblue}{addbutton:addyellow}{addbutton:resetcolors}{embed} pick your color . . . @pink @blue @yellow

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