.suggest [text] command

✎ autoresponder commands

/autoresponder add trigger:.suggest reply:{delete} {requirearg:1} {sendto:#suggestions} {user} suggested: [$1+]

/autoresponder editmatchmode trigger:.suggest reply:startswith

you can also use a premade embed for an output that looks cuter, like this:

/embed create name:suggestion

/embed edit author embed:suggestion text:{user_tag} icon:{user_avatar}

/embed edit description embed:suggestion text:[$1+]

/autoresponder add trigger:.suggest reply:{delete} {requirearg:1} {sendto:#suggestions} {embed:suggestion}

/autoresponder editmatchmode trigger:.suggest matchmode:startswith

additionally, you could include a few{reactreply:} variables to react to the suggestion post with a thumbs up 👍, shrug 🤷, and thumbs down 👎 reactions for other users to vote on the original suggestion.

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