custom formatting

certain customization features are premium only and are marked with a ☆

✎ embed color

/set custom embedcolor color:[#hexcode]

  • editing the embed color will change the color of every embed, excluding embeds made with /embed create or a declared hex code in the {embed} variable

  • you can find hex codes to use here

/leaderboard formatting

/set custom leaderboard header:<header> footer:<footer> entries:<# of entries>

☆ entries

command: /set custom leaderboard entries:

this changes the number of entries / users shown per page of the leaderboard

/shop formatting

/set custom shop name:<shop name> header:<header text> image:<img file> thumbnail:<img file> entries:<# of entries per shop page>

  • the format of the server's /shop view can be customized, including its image and thumbnail properties.

  • to remove any of these properties, set it to none or disable

☆ name

command: /set custom shop name:

this changes the name / title of the shop, the large text at the very top of the embed

☆ header

command: /set custom shop header:

this changes the header of the shop, the text that appears below the shop's name and instructions on buying an item

☆ image

command: /set custom shop image:

this changes the image of the shop, the larger image on the bottom of the embed

☆ thumbnail

command: /set custom shop thumbnail:

this changes the thumbnail of the shop, the smaller image in the upper righthand corner of the embed

☆ entries

command: /set custom shop entries:

this changes the number of entries / items shown per page of the shop

☆ colored arrows in /leaderboard and /shop view

/set custom arrows color: available colors:

☆ available colors
  • red

  • orange

  • yellow (default)

  • green

  • blue

  • purple

  • pink

/slots emojis

/set custom slots emojis: <:emote1: | :emote2: | :emote3: | :emote4:>

  • the emojis used in /slots can be changed to 4 different emojis

  • to disable /slots, set it to none or disable

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