embed action command (user arguments)

this example utilizes user arguments. unlike the simple embed reaction command, this example requires another user to complete the action.

create an embed before making your autoresponder. below, we will have basic embed details edited, but for full customization, see our guides

replace hug with any action you'd like (i.e. kiss instead of hug)

✎ embed commands

/embed create name:hug

/embed edit description embed:hug description:{user} hugs [$1}, how sweet c:

/embed edit image embed:hug image:https://i.imgur.com/lWHgVEu.gif

✎ autoresponder commands

/autoresponder add trigger:.hug reply:{requirearg: 1 | user}{embed:hug}

/autoresponder editmatchmode trigger:.hug matchmode:startswith

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