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Mimu is a Discord bot made in hopes to bring extensive functionality and utility; enclosing what we consider the epitome of cuteness overload. Mimu is classy, aesthetic, and adorable, and is bound to touch your heart.

with its extensive configuration options and simple style, Mimu brings to you a one-of-a-kind economy system to your Discord server and brings your dreams to reality. Its utilities are packed, made to be user-friendly and for serves to be a cuter currency system.

mimu is made efficient and has millions of possibilities for you in accordance to your community's needs.

invite mimu now! please note that you need either ADMINISTRATOR or MANAGE_SERVER permissions to be able to add Mimu to a server.

mimu utilizes Discord's integration system (slash commands), so we recommend viewing this guide on fixing your server permissions in order to properly use all of mimu's commands and features.

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