.serverinfo command

✎ autoresponder command

/autoresponder add trigger:.serverinfo reply:{embed} server name: {server_name} server id: {server_id} member count: {server_membercount} human count: {server_membercount_nobots} bot count: {server_botcount} role count: {server_rolecount} channel count: {server_channelcount} a random member: {server_randommember} server owner: {server_owner} server owner id: {server_owner_id} created on: {server_createdate} server boost level: {server_boostlevel} server boost count: {server_boostcount} / {server_nextboostlevel_required} to reach {server_nextboostlevel} ! that's only {server_nextboostlevel_until_required} boosts away.

you can also use a premade embed to show the icon and format it cutely. if you'd like more details on embeds, view our documentation linked below.

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