rules embed

✎ step one

  • create the embed by using /embed create name:rules_embed

  • you can name the embed anything you'd like, however we strongly recommend naming it something simple and easy to remember.

✎ step two

  • now we can edit the details of our embed to our liking!

  • remember : you can either outright use these edit commands, or use the buttons + modals from creating your embed to have an interactive text form.

  • edit the author to the server's icon and name by using /embed edit author embed:rules_embed text:{server_name} icon:{server_icon}

  • edit the title by using /embed edit title embed:rules_embed title:our rules & guidelines!

  • edit the thumbnail to the server's icon by using /embed edit thumbnail embed:rules_embed image:{server_icon}

  • edit the description of the embed! remember that you can replace the rules with your own worded rules, this is just a template! /embed edit description embed:rules_embed description:read below to learn our rules! 1) no nsfw content allowed in the server. 2) please do not spam 3) keep the chat lighthearted always 4) follow Discord's ToS 5) please don't advertise!

Discord on PC/Desktop/select devices do not allow new lines in slash commands. if you're looking to have new lines/better spacing in your embed, we recommend either going through the text modal OR using the {newline} variable in place of where you want a new line to start.

  • you can add a timestamp by using /embed edit timestamp embed:rules_embed timestamp:True

  • edit the footer of the embed by using /embed edit footer embed:rules_embed text:rules created on {date}. . .

  • edit the color of your embed by using /embed edit color embed:rules_embed color:#feeee8

  • lastly, you can edit the image of the embed by using /embed edit image embed:rules_embed image:

  • if you followed this, you should get something like:

✎ step three

  • now, you can display your embed in your rules channel!

  • make sure mimu has the proper permissions in your rules channel. then, run: /embed show embed:rules_embed

  • mimu will then show your embed, as shown below!

mimu CANNOT edit the posted embed in the channel. in order to edit the embed again, you would need to edit it using /embed edit and have to repost it with the new edits in the channel

premium servers are able to use /embed show webhook:option, which sends the embed as a webhook instead.

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