.stealcookie command

server members can playfully interact with mimu in this steal cookie command!

✎ autoresponder command

/autoresponder add trigger:.stealcookie reply:{embed} {cooldown:1000} {choose1: You were caught by mimu for trying to steal some cookies from the cookie jar! >:( mimu took away 200 | You stole some cookies successfully! Nom nom nom~ you earned 50 | but mimu caught you and isn't happy <:angerybean:678534873828556810> ! mimu took away 300 | You stole the whole cookie jar and got away with it! Hurray!! You earned 500 } {lockedchoose1: -200 | 50 | -300 | 500} {modifybal:[lockedchoice1]} **You tried to take some cookies from the cookie jar . . .** [choice1] {server_currency} your balance is now {user_balance_locale} {server_currency} !

confused about the variables used? see our variables guide here

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