command roles (type +role)

this example guide helps you create a lovely list for all of your available roles, as well as the command for when users want to add that role to themselves

✎ autoresponder commands

/autoresponder add trigger: .roles reply:{embed} **our available roles**... @role @role etc. . . to add a role, use `+[role]` to remove a role, use `-[role]`

in this example, we are using +[role] and -[role], but you can do anything, like .addrole [role], .iam [role], .iamnot [role] or whatever you'd most prefer as the trigger

/autoresponder add trigger:+lollipop reply: {addrole:lollipop}{embed} i have added the @lollipop role to you /autoresponder add trigger:-lollipop reply:{removerole:lollipop}{embed} i have removed the @lollipop role from you

remember to create an add & remove autoresponder for each role!

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