setting up a server shop

commonly, users set up a server shop with mimu! this actively rewards users who earn currency in their server.

  • below, we will explain how to set a shop item using the options in the slash command.

✎ adding an item

  • you should type /shop add. the first option to type is name, which is the name you would like to give your shop item.

  • the next option is price. this is the amount of currency you want your item to cost.

  • after typing in your price, the next option is stock, which is how much of the item you want in the shop. if you want the item to be infinite, put 0 .

  • these are all the required values for your shop item to be added to your /shop view. below are optional values that are located in the shop add command.

  • next, in the optional section, the value is role. you can mention a role here that you would like to be added to users when they buy and use the item.

  • finally, the last option is description. this is an optional description you can add to your item when it's listed in the shop.

  • when you send you command, mimu should reply that it's added to your shop!

for other item properties not provided in the fields, ie disablegive, see editing the shop item below

✎ viewing the server shop

  • you can view your new item in /shop view

✎ editing a shop item

  • if you made a mistake, need to update information, or want to add additional settings to your item, don't fret! you can edit it with mimu.

  • the base of the command to edit is /shop edit

  • in total, you can use the following editable properties in your /shop edit : description
, disablegive
, name, price
, removerole
, reply
, requirerole, role

  • description edits the item's current description into whatever new description you specify - /shop edit description item: itemname description: new description

  • disablegive edits the item's current status as to whether you want users to be able to gift the item to others by using /give item - /shop edit disablegive item: itemname disabled:[True/False]

  • name edits the item's name to be something else - /shop edit name item: itemname name: new name

  • price edits the price of the item - /shop edit price item: itemname amount:#

  • removerole edits the role removed when the user purchases the item. as the role is an optional field, putting nothing will remove the removerole - /shop edit removerole item: itemname role:@role

  • reply edits Mimu's reply given when a user uses the item (/shop use) - /shop edit reply item: itemname reply: new reply

  • requirerole edits the role required to purchase the item. as the role is an optional field, putting nothing will remove the requirerole - /shop edit requirerole item: itemname role: @requirerole

  • role edits the role added when the user uses the item. as the role is an optional field, putting nothing will remove the added role - /shop edit role item: itemname role: @role

✎ removing a shop item

  • don't want the item anymore? no worries! we can remove it with mimu.

  • start this time with /shop remove

  • the next option that appears is item:, you can select or type your item name here to remove the correct item.

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