Mimu Bot
setting up a server shop
  • commonly, users set up a server shop with mimu!
  • below, we will explain both ways you can go through and add/edit/remove an item from the shop.

option one: step-by-step with mimu

adding an item

  • you should first run .set shop. mimu will ask you whether you would like to add, remove, or edit an existing shop item. reply with add
replying to mimu with add
  • mimu will edit its first message, asking you a series of questions about your shop's item.
  • mimu will continue to edit this message up until the very end, where it'll ask you to confirm the item and if you'd like it to be listed in the shop.
  • in order, mimu will ask you about: item name, item cost, item description, item quantity, item role reward, item role removal, item use reply, item required role, and item giftability.
  • information like item name and cost are self explanatory, but you may be wondering about the rest.
  • item role reward is what role will be given when the user uses the item.
  • item role removal is what role will be taken away from the user when the user uses the item.
  • item required role is what role is needed to be able to purchase the item.
  • item giftability is whether you'd like users to be able to give that item to another user.
mimu inquiring if the information is correct
  • if everything looks right, reply with yes
  • you should now have a new shop item! check it out in .shop
our new item in the shop c:

editing a shop item

  • if you made a mistake or need to update information for your item, don't fret! you can edit it with mimu.
  • start again with .set shop, but this time, reply with edit
editing our shop item with mimu
  • reply to mimu with what item you'd like to edit, using either the exact name or the ID found in .shop
  • then say what part of the item you'd like to edit.
  • mimu lists everything that you can edit of a shop item. you only need to let it know which of them you'd like edited.
editing a shop item with mimu
  • after sending what part of the item you'd like edited, you're able to edit it to what you'd now like that part to be.
editing an item's required role

removing a shop item

  • don't want the item anymore? no worries! we can remove it with mimu.
  • start again with .set shop, then say remove
  • mimu will then ask for what item you'd like to remove. if you're using the item name, you must type it exact.
  • if you've typed it out correctly, mimu will send something like below
successfully deleting a shop item

option two: all at once using a command

  • for speed and efficiency, this method is recommended, however only if you're already knowledgeable on mimu and shop items.

adding an item

  • you can add a shop item all in one command!
  • however, please note that not all item settings are accessible this way and you may have to edit the item for certain item information, such as item giftability.
  • the command format is .set shop add [price #] [quantity] [item name], <role name>
    <item description on new line>
  • notice how quite a few settings are missing? you would need to edit the item to include this, either step by step with mimu or using one command shown below.

editing an item

  • the command format for editing an item is .set shop edit [option] [item name/id] | [new value]
  • the available options to edit are: name, price, description, stock, role, removeRole, reply, requireRole, disableGive
  • please make sure to include the | when editing your item! otherwise, mimu can't tell what you're editing :(

removing an item

  • the command format for removing an item is .set shop remove [item name/id]
  • if it's been removed, mimu will say that it deleted the item and give the information that was removed.