self-verification system

this example is our most popular!

✎ verification system

  1. set up your permissions

    • in order to make a verification system, you need to first lock all your channels to hide them from users who just join.

    • as this is mostly a discord-help thing, if you need guidance on how permissions work, click here.

    • then, make a role that can't view the rest of the server and remember to set up all the channels so that this particular role cannot view the rest of the server, but can still view your rules / landing channel!

    • confused on how to set up permissions? check out the template we've prepared. it includes 2 main roles (mod & verified member role), 4 main categories (info - everyone can see, verify category - unverified can see, main chat - verified can see, and mod corner category - only mod can see).

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