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stars are a global currency that pertain primarily to pets and is an extension of the pet system. they are the only currency that can be listed as decimals (only to the hundredth place).
stars were created to encourage the spirit of giving and sharing with other users.
stars in your balance

✿ gifting and obtaining stars

  • while used primarily for pets, even as a non-pet owner, you can always earn stars.
  • /bless user:@user is a common way to give stars. it is entirely free and you can bless any users you'd like. however, you can't bless the same user twice in a day! this resets every day at 00:00 UTC, and you can see all users you've blessed in a day by using /blesslist.
  • /wish : available every day between 7:00pm - 4:59am UTC, use this command to wish upon a star and receive stars. wish has a cooldown of 15 minutes globally.
  • /votes buy item:stargift : you can give your friend a stargift (2.5 stars if their star meter is full) using one pet ticket.

✦ star meter

  • the star meter is a meter found in /stars info - this affects only stargifts and not other star related commands
  • the more stargifts someone receives, the more their star meter will go down. the lower their star meter is, the less they'll get out of a stargift.
  • however, this meter resets every day at 00:00 UTC, meaning once this time hits, a person's star meter will be back to 100%.
stars and your stars meter

✿ using your stars

  • stars can be redeemed in the /stars shop
  • the stars shop has a number of items, all related to pets.
  • to buy an item in the stars shop, use /stars buy item:
the stars shop
  • /stars buy item:resurrection scroll - the resurrection scroll costs 60 stars and revives the last pet you had with its name, breed, age, food, and activity classes fully restored. your newly revived pet comes with 100 happiness and 7 days of lifetime.
  • /stars buy item:morph spell - this morphs your currently alive pet into any pet that's available in the /votes shop- saving your pet's age, activity classes, food, etc., but changing its breed and name into the breed of pet you want. it costs 30 stars and additionally the amount of tickets the desired breed costs.
  • /stars buy item:permanent sleepover - costing 20 stars, this gives you the opportunity to swap your pet with another pet owner's pet. it swaps pet, lifetimes, and activity classes, but not food. this is paid for solely by the person who invokes the command and is irreversible without paying another 20 stars. the other pet owner must confirm as well that they want this swap before it actually happens.
  • /stars buy item:activity classes - for 25 stars, you can attempt to teach your pet one of the 13 available activity classes (also described here), which gives access to a new command to run for your pet. your first class is guaranteed to be learned, but the more classes your pet knows, the higher the rate of failure is.
  • /stars buy item:star magic - if your pet is expiring in the next 12 hours and you'd like to keep it alive, you can sprinkle some star magic to give it a little boost. it costs 15 stars and can add up to 60 happiness points and 5 additional days of lifetime. the less hours your pet has, the more life it adds.
  • /stars buy item:pet divider - costing 50 stars, you can get your pet's matching divider for your /balance. once you've bought it, the divider stays in your inventory forever, even if your pet dies. you must have the corresponding pet to buy the divider (eg, if you have bunko, you can buy the bunko divider but not the kaeru divider). premium users have access to all dividers during their membership, including a few additional ones.
all dividers available