Mimu Bot


pet tickets, also abbreviated as tickets or tix, are a global currency used primarily for pets and related items, such as pet food. all items that can be bought with tickets can be found in /votes shop
tickets are located underneath your server currency
and is fixed (the same) throughout every server.
the blue circle indicates where your tickets are located

✿ earning tickets

tickets can be earned in many different ways:

✦ voting

  • this is the primary way of receiving tickets!
  • you can run /vote to find our top.gg voting page, found here.
  • for voting for Mimu, you can receive 1 pet ticket every 12 hours (donators receive double for every vote over the weekend!). if you can't remember to vote that often, you can run /userset voteremind remind:True to receive vote reminders after every vote.
setting vote reminders to true
  • voting is a way to not only gain tickets, but also supports mimu in a big way! every vote is appreciated.

✦ mimu keys

  • mimu keys, bought for $4-$5 USD each, are another way to receive tickets
  • if you have a valid key to use, you can use /claim tickets key:[key-here] to claim a total of 10 pet tickets
  • this is another way to support mimu! for more information regarding donating, you can browse our web page here

✦ community weekly poll giveaways

  • in our community server, we have weekly chances for users to obtain a pet ticket packs
  • pet ticket packs contain a random amount of pet tickets, anywhere between 5-8 tickets total.
  • these weekly polls are very hard to win, though, and getting tickets through it is not guaranteed. we recommend voting daily!