swapping over as an existing patron: early patron badge & more!

hello pastry! or should i say supporter? ~

thank you for supporting mimu so far - i really appreciate it! below i'll be sharing insights on exactly how the badge works, and how to transfer stuff over.

the early patron role and badge (the "move-over" badge!)

to appreciate you for supporting us even through the patreon era, we're giving away a badge to anyone who's moving over to the new system within the next 3 months, i.e. before June 10, 2024.

to be eligible for the badge:

  • you must be an existing supporter on patreon.com/mimubot of any tier

  • subscribed to any tier (pet caretaker, mimu plus or custom mimu) in /purchase, BEFORE the end of your patreon subscription. for more info on doing so, please read the purchasing guide.

things to keep in mind! :)

  • this badge is associated with a role "early patron"

  • if you leave or are banned from the support server, you will not be able to retain this role and badge.

  • this badge has no monetary equivalent; it is just a token of thanks for moving over to the new system.

  • to make the most of your patreon subscription, it is highly recommended to wait until the last few days of the month (e.g. 25th) before subscribing to the new system.

retaining moon loyalty badge (for mimu plus or above)

  • when moving over, you may notice that your loyalty badge streak also disappears

  • to re-gain your loyalty, please subscribe to $4.99 mimu plus or $19.99 custom mimu /purchase tier, before your patreon subscription ends, and reach out to us.

  • we will provide loyalty badge transfer support for the next 6 months (until patreon support ends).

ok! how do i reach out to claim my badges (loyalty streak & move-over badge)?

  • please reach out via #talk-to-devs (under the supporter corner) and just type "hi! i swapped over to the new system and here to claim my badges!"

when are you guys ending support for patreon?

we will stop accepting Patreon donations in 1 month, i.e. April 10, 2024; and then stop support for perks officially in 6 months, i.e. September 10, 2024. on this day, perks for patrons are no longer guaranteed, but we will continue to provide customer support for those who need help transferring.

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