Mimu Bot

advanced i: different matchmodes

what's a matchmode?

  • by default, mimu only responds if your message is exactly your autoresponder's message.
  • commonly known as "wildcard" in other bots, in order to make mimu respond to other variants of the trigger, you can use other matchmodes.

setting a matchmode

  • once you've created your autoresponder using /autoresponder add, you will be able to modify the matchmode. you have to create the autoresponder before modifying the matchmode.
  • you can do so via:
/autoresponder editmatchmode trigger:trigger matchmode:match mode

what matchmodes are there?


  • this means it only matches if the message's content is EXACTLY the same as the trigger; but isn't case sensitive. this is commonly used for server verifications or custom currency commands, like .bake or .stealcookie commands.
  • by default, all autoresponders are made with exact match mode.
  • ex. if your trigger is hey mimu, mimu will only respond when your message is exactlyhey mimu. it will not respond to oh hey mimu, oh hey mimu how are you doing, nor hey mimu how are you?


  • this means it only matches if your message's content begins with the trigger. this is commonly used for commands with arguments, like a steal command or a say command.
  • ex. if your trigger is !cuddle, mimu will respond if your message begins with !cuddle. it will respond to !cuddle @user, !cuddle some random person, as well as exact match, i.e. !cuddle. it will not respond if it ends with it, or if it's in the middle - like oh !cuddle nor oh !cuddle pog


  • in essence, this is the exact opposite of what startswith does - it means it only matches if your message's content ends with the trigger.
  • ex. if your trigger is welcome, mimu will only respond if your message ends with welcome. it will respond to @user, welcome, as well as just the exact match, i.e. welcome. however, it will not respond if it's in the middle or if it has something after the trigger, i.e. it won't respond to welcome @user! nor oh, a new member! welcome @user!


  • this means it responds to all messages as long as the content consists of the trigger. this is mostly used for specific terms or anti-swearing.
  • for example, if your trigger is dumb, then mimu will respond to ALL of the following. dumb, you're dumb, i think that is dumb but i'm not sure, dumbo, etc.