your first embed

✎ introduction

embeds are a way to specially format and structure a message. you can put things such as images, a colored border, and more in an embed.

the command base is /embed

interested in checking out some examples and ideas? click here!

✎ adding an embed

  • to add an embed, you have to use the /embed create name:embedname

  • the embed name is what mimu recognizes the embed as compared to other embeds you may create.

  • embed names should be short and sweet, as they cannot be more than 16 characters long and do not support spaces.

  • after using the create command, mimu will send that you've successfully created it and will have buttons below it to edit your newly created embed

we recommend naming your embed something easy to type & remember. for example, if you're making an embed for your server rules, name it rules_embed or something similar for simplicity's sake.

  • clicking each button will bring you to a form, also known as text modals, to fill out what you want edited in your embed

  • when you're all done in the modal, click the "submit" button. all of your changes will be automatically saved!

  • if you need to exit the text modal and come back for any reason, discord automatically saves the information you had previously input.

✎ viewing your existing embeds

  • you can view your existing embeds by typing /embed list

  • all servers have a maximum of 5 embeds

  • premium servers have this limit lifted, allowing them up to 300 embeds

✎ deleting an embed

  • you can delete an embed using /embed delete embed:embedname

  • for example, to delete the existing embed named example, you would run /embed delete embed:example

✎ editing your embed

  • you can edit an existing embed by using /embed edit OR /embed edit all

  • /embed edit all acts similarly to /embed create -- this brings up the button embed builder again, allowing you to edit each property through the modals instead of through commands.

  • there are 8 possible embed properties for you to edit- author, color, description, footer, image, thumbnail, timestamp, title

  • to edit the author - /embed edit author embed:embedname text:optional text here icon: optional icon link here

  • to edit the color - /embed edit color embed:embedname color:optional color hex here

  • to edit the description - /embed edit description embed:embedname description:optional text here

  • to edit the footer - /embed edit footer embed:embedname text:optional text here icon:optional icon link here

  • to edit the image - /embed edit image embed:embedname image:optional image link here

  • to edit the thumbnail - /embed edit thumbnail embed:embedname image:optional image link here

  • to edit the timestamp - /embed edit timestamp embed:embedname timestamp:True/False : select true for a timestamp to be added and false for no timestamp.

  • to edit the title: /embed edit title embed:embedname title:optional text here

  • in the above commands, all values are "optional" as if you leave them blank, it will remove the property completely. for example, if you edit the image of your embed and decide to leave the image option out, it will remove the image from your embed entirely if there is one set.

Mimu can only use valid image links in any icon/image property. we recommend using either Imgur or getting your link from a Discord media link.

are you editing something like your description on PC and are unable to add a new line within the command? to get around this Discord limitation, you can use the {newline} variable where you want the next line to start. i.e., /embed edit description embed:welcome description:hi there!{newline}welcy to my server will change it to appear as: "hi there! welcy to my server"

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