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your first embed


embeds are a way to specially format and structure a message. you can put things such as images, a colored border, and more in an embed.
the command base is .embed (with alias .emb for short).
interested in checking out some examples and ideas? click here!

adding an embed

  • to add an embed, you have to use the .embed create [embedname] command. + is the shorthand alias for add.
  • the embed name is what mimu recognizes the embed as compared to other embeds you may create.
  • embed names should be short and sweet, as they cannot be more than 16 characters long and do not support spaces.
  • for example, if you try to name your embed to greet message, mimu only recognizes greet as embed names do not support spaces.
  • however, naming your embed to greet_message will work, as characters like _ are supported.
we recommend naming your embed something easy to type & remember. for example, if you're making an embed for your server rules, name it rules_embed or something similar for simplicity's sake.
  • you can also add an embed step by step with mimu by running just .embed create
  • we recommend this option for embed beginners!
creating your first embed!

viewing your existing embeds

  • you can view your existing embeds by typing .embed
  • all servers have a maximum of 5 embeds
  • premium servers have this limit lifted, allowing them up to 50 embeds
listing your existing embeds

deleting an embed

  • you can delete an embed using .embed delete [embedname]
  • for example, to delete the existing embed named rules_embed, you would run .embed delete rules_embed
deleting an existing embed

editing your embed

  • you can edit an existing embed by using .emb edit [property] [embedname] [new values]
  • for example, .emb edit title greet_message welcome to the server!
  • there are 8 possible embed properties for you to edit, shown below
embed infographic, also found in .embed