Mimu Bot
  • we've compiled a library of autoresponder examples that are commonly made. feel free to use, modify, and mix it up!

currency command examples!

.bake command

.ar + .bake | {range:200-1000} {choose: cookies :cookies: | cupcake :cupcake: | pie :pie: | cake :cake:} {choose1: they loved it ! | they nommed happily c: | they love you for being so thoughtful !}{modifybal:[range]} you bake a [choice] for {server_randommember} . . . [choice1] and gave you [range] ! <3 your balance is now {user_balance_locale} {server_currency} ^-^

.harvest command

in this command, we've made it so that some fruits cost more than certain fruits. you can refer to below table for the pricing it can be sold for:
.ar + .harvest | {choose:bananas|apples|strawberries|oranges|pears} {lockedchoose:10|20|30|25|15} {modifybal:+[lockedchoice]} you have harvested some [choice] . . . and earned [lockedchoice] {server_currency}!

.stealcookie command

.ar + .stealcookie | {embed} {cooldown:1000} {choose1: You were caught by mimu for trying to steal some cookies from the cookie jar! >:( mimu took away 200 | You stole some cookies successfully! Nom nom nom~ you earned 50 | but mimu caught you and isn't happy <:angerybean:678534873828556810> ! mimu took away 300 | You stole the whole cookie jar and got away with it! Hurray!!} {lockedchoose1: -200 | 50 | -300 | 500} {modifybal:[lockedchoice1]} **You tried to take some cookies from the cookie jar . . .** [choice1] {server_currency} your balance is now {user_balance_locale} {server_currency} !

.crime command

.ar + .crime | {cooldown:6000} {choose: you robbed a bank and earned 10000 {server_currency} | you stole 200 {server_currency} from someone at a restaurant! | you pickpocketed with great stealth but only picked up 50 {server_currency}. | you tried to steal from someone, but you accidentally dropped 600 {server_currency} as you ran away.} {lockedchoice:+10000 | +200 | +50 | -600} {modifybal:[lockedchoice]} . . . let's commit a crime . . . [choice] ! now you have {user_balance} balance.

.steal [user] [amount] command

.ar + .steal | {requirearg:1|user} {requirearg:2|number} {choose:-[$2]|0|[$2]} {lockedchoose:you tried to steal money from [$1] but failed and ended up losing [$2] {server_currency} instead! :notsopog: | you tried to steal money from [$1] but didn't earn any {server_currency}! oops. | you tried to steal money from [$1] and was able to steal [$2] {server_currency} :pog:} {modifybal:-[choice] | [$1]} {modifybal:[choice]} [lockedchoice]
.ar editmatchmode .steal | startswith

manager / moderation / automoderation examples!

please note that mimu is not actually intended for moderation. these autoresponders do work, but are mostly here to showcase the variety of things you can do simply with autoresponders.

verification system

  1. 1.
    set up your permissions
    • in order to make a verification system, you need to first lock all your channels to hide them from users who just join.
    • as this is mostly a discord-help thing, if you need guidance on how permissions work, click here.
    • at the end of your rules, we suggest typing something like "type i agree to gain access to the rest of the server ~ !" to guide new members joining your server.
    • then, make a role that can't view the rest of the server and remember to set up all the channels so that this particular role cannot view the rest of the server, but can still view your rules / landing channel!
    • confused on how to set up permissions? check out the template we've prepared. it includes 2 main roles (mod & verified member role), 4 main categories (info - everyone can see, verify category - unverified can see, main chat - verified can see, and mod corner category - only mod can see).
  2. 2.
    create an autoresponder with i agree or .verify
    • .ar + i agree | {dm}{delete}{embed:#ceb3af}{addrole: read n agreed to rules}hi ! thank you for agreeing to the rules of our server, {user}! you have gained access to the rest of the server.
{dm} - makes it dm the user instead, so it doesn't clog up your channel
{delete} - makes it autodelete the invoked autoresponder
{embed} - would make it embed with the default embed color of the server; in this case to customise the color, we used {embed:#ceb3af} instead
{addrole:} adds the specified role in the brackets, this is the verified role the remaining text is the message in the embed you're sending to them
{requirechannel:} - optionally, you can add {requirechannel:#verify} to limit the autoresponder to be done in the verification channel, so people cannot run this AR elsewhere.

.verify [user] (manual verification) command

  • this command is useful for servers with "gates" to them, where some "gatekeepers" can manually verify the user after they have posted a valid introduction or some other form of verification requirement.
.ar + .verify | {requirearg:1|user} {requirerole:gatekeepers} {delete} {addrole:verified | [$1]}{embed} verified [$1]!
.ar editmatchmode .verify | startswith
  • you can also have it so that once the user is verified, it sends a premade embed that greets the user in the chat channel, so that they get notified:
.ar + .verify | {requirearg:1|user} {requirerole:gatekeepers} {delete} {addrole:verified | [$1]} {sendto: #general} [$1] {embed:greet}

.roleadd [user] [role] command

you can also make a similar command for role removes, using the {removerole:} function.
.ar + .roleadd | {requirerole:Managers} {requirearg:1|user}{requirearg:2|role}{addrole:[$2] | [$1]}{embed} okie dokie, i've added the [$2] role to [$1]
.ar editmatchmode .roleadd | startswith

antiswear / blacklisted words

.ar + stupid | {delete}{embed} hey, {user}! don't be rude. i have removed your message.
.ar editmatchmode stupid | includes
the message i sent that triggered it -- which will be deleted
mimu's response c:
you can modify the trigger according to what you need. in this example we're using discord.gg/ as trigger, so any invite links.
.ar + discord.gg/ | {delete} hey {user}! please don't advertise.
.ar editmatchmode discord.gg/ | includes

re-appropriate nick command

.ar + .appnick | {requirearg:1|user}{setnick:an appropriate name!|[$1]}{sendto:#member-warnings} [$1], your nickname has been set to "an appropriate nickname" due to username inappropriacy. -- this moderation action was done by {user}.
.ar editmatchmode .appnick | startswith

.setnick [user] [nickname] command

.ar + .setnick | {requirearg:1|user}{requirearg:2}{setnick:[$2+]|[$1]}{embed} alright {user}, i've changed {user_tag:[$1]}'s nickname to [$2].
.ar editmatchmode .setnick | startswith

utility & fun command examples!

.serverinfo command

.ar + .serverinfo | {embed} server name: {server_name} server id: {server_id} member count: {server_membercount} human count: {server_membercount_nobots} bot count: {server_botcount} role count: {server_rolecount} channel count: {server_channelcount} a random member: {server_randommember} server owner: {server_owner} server owner id: {server_owner_id} created on: {server_createdate} server boost level: {server_boostlevel} server boost count: {server_boostcount} / {server_nextboostlevel_required} to reach {server_nextboostlevel} ! that's only {server_nextboostlevel_until_required} boosts away.
you can also use a premade embed to show the icon and format it cutely.

would you rather / .topic command

.ar + .topic | {choose: what's your favourite childhood memory? | what's something embarrassing you don't ever wanna tell anyone about? | do you have any siblings? | would you describe yourself as sunset, dawn, midnight or afternoon? | what's your favourite season?} [choice]

.poke [user] command

.ar editmatchmode | startswith

.8ball [text] command

.ar + .8ball | {requirearg:1} {delete} {embed:#00008b} {choose: as i see it, yes. | ask again later. | better not tell you now. | cannot predict now. | concentrate and ask again. | don’t count on it. | it is certain. | it is decidedly so. | most likely. | my reply is no. | my sources say no. | outlook not so good. | outlook good. | reply hazy, try again. | signs point to yes. | very doubtful. | without a doubt. | yes. | you may rely on it. | yes — definitely. } {modifybal: +1} `🎱` your question . . . > [$1+] `🎱` you shake your magic eight ball and it tells you . . . [choice]
.ar editmatchmode | startswith

partners / rewards for partner managers

every time your partner managers send an invite link to your partner channels, they can earn some currency!
.ar + discord.gg/ | {embed} {modifybal:+1000} {requirerole: Partner Managers} {requirechannel: #affiliates} {requirechannel: #partners} thanks {user} for setting up the partner! you've been rewarded with 1000 {server_currency}.
.ar editmatchmode | includes

mimu, rate [thing]

.ar + mimu, rate | {delete} {range:0-10} hmm, i rate [$1] a [range]/10 :o
.ar editmatchmode mimu, rate | startswith

.suggest [text] command

.ar + .suggest | {delete} {requirearg:1} {sendto:#suggestions} {user} suggested: [$1+]
.ar editmatchmode .suggest | startswith
you can also use a premade embed for an output that looks cuter, like this:
.embed create suggestion
.embed edit author suggestion {user_tag} | {user_avatar}
.embed edit description suggestion [$1+]
.ar + .suggest | {delete} {requirearg:1} {sendto:#suggestions} {embed:suggestion}
.ar editmatchmode .suggest | startswith

.say [text] command

.ar + .say | {delete}{requirearg:1} [$1+]
.ar editmatchmode .say | startswith

.say [#channel] [text] command

.ar + .say | {requirearg:1|channel} {requirearg:2} {sendto:[$1]} [$2+]
.ar editmatchmode say | startswith

.embedsay [color] [text] command

.ar + .embedsay | {requirearg:1|color}{requirearg:2}{embed:[$1]} [$2+]
.ar editmatchmode .embedsay | startswith

.muteroulette [user] [user] [user] command

you can add more arguments in the response to support more users to do the roulette on.
.ar + .muteroulette | {requirearg:1|user} {requirearg:2|user} {requirearg:3|user} {choose:[$1]|[$2]|[$3]} {addrole:muted|[choice]} okay . . . the roulette landed on [choice] ! i have muted [choice].
.ar editmatchmode .muteroulette | startswith

.nick [nickname] command

.ar + .nick | {requirearg:1} {setnick:[$1]} okay {user_tag}, i've set your nickname to [$1].
.ar editmatchmode .nick | startswith