click to disable pings (e.g. partner pings)

in order to do this, first, we're going to make a role called "disable partner pings".

then, we're going to first create two different channels:

  1. #partners channel -- this is the channel where you send the partnered servers and ping everyone.

    1. for this channel, we're going to go to the channel settings, edit channel permissions, and make three adjustments:

      1. for the @everyone role, keep it at "/" for "view channel", but turn off "send messages"

  2. #disable-ping channel

now that you've completed your permissions, we are going to make a button responder.

here's the command

/buttonresponder addname:partner_disable reply:{addrole: @disable partner pings !}{embed} - you have disabled partner pings ♡ label:click to disable partner ping emoji::icon_disabled: color:grey

by putting {addrole: @role}, it will add the disable ping role, which, if we did the permissions correctly in the previous step, will allow disabling of the ping.

you can also attach a second button to re-enable pings if you want, which works in a similar fashion. just remember to add {addbutton:partner_enable} into your /send command as well.

/buttonresponder addname:partner_enable reply:{removerole: @disable partner pings !}{embed} - you have re-enabled partner pings ! thank you for supporting our server label:click to enable partner pings emoji::icon_enabled: color:blue

finally, use the /send command to make a message in #disable-ping which allows them to click the button.

/send content:{embed} please click the button below to disable pings if you don't want to be pinged anymore ! {addbutton:partner_disable} channel:#disable-ping

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