.crime command

allow your server members to get into some trouble with this custom command example c:

✎ autoresponder command

/autoresponder add trigger:.crime reply:{cooldown:6000} {choose: you robbed a bank and earned 10000 {server_currency} | you stole 200 {server_currency} from someone at a restaurant! | you pickpocketed with great stealth but only picked up 50 {server_currency}. | you tried to steal from someone, but you accidentally dropped 600 {server_currency} as you ran away.} {lockedchoose:+10000 | +200 | +50 | -600} {modifybal:[lockedchoice]} . . . let's commit a crime . . . [choice] ! now you have {user_balance} balance.

confused about the variables used? see our variables guide here

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