expert ii: instanced button responders

let's utilize button responders that are instanced - i.e. are generally used temporarily only, or triggered by other commands.

  • limitations: this sets limitations of how the button can be used. by default, it is set to not limited.

    • no limitations: the button never gets disabled

    • limited: the button gets disabled when someone clicks on it

    • strict: the button, and any other buttons in the same message, gets disabled on the first click

  • invoker_only: this sets whether other people can use the button other than the person that summoned it

    • no limit: the button can be used by anyone

    • invoker only: the button can only be used by the person who initiated it. if the button is attached to... (examples; not limited to these!)

      • a welcome message, only the person who joined can click the button

      • an autoresponder, only the person who typed the autoresponder can click the button

      • an item reply, only the person who used the item can click the button

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