beginner i: using simple placeholders

let's talk a bit about how to use simple placeholders to manipulate the response of mimu.

✎ what are placeholders?

  • placeholders are variables that you can put in your response in order for mimu to replace with context.

  • an example would be mentioning the user who sent the message using {user}. this allows you to personalize the response.

✎ using multiple placeholders

  • using multiple placeholders work exactly the same way as how you'd expect.

  • let's make an autoresponder called .userinfo that responds with users' information!

  • this is the command i typed:

/autoresponder add trigger:.userinfo reply:hi {user}! this is your info! user tag: {user_tag} username: {user_name} discrim: {user_discrim} id: {user_id} nick: {user_nick} joined server on: {user_joindate} joined discord on: {user_createdate} your color in this server is {user_displaycolor} you've boosted since: {user_boostsince} you have {user_balance} {server_currency}!

there are a lot of variables! check out the variable placeholder list for a full list of placeholders and functions!

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