Mimu Bot
getting started
mimu comes equipped with a customizable, per-server currency system that can be managed by any user with the MANAGE_SERVER and MANAGE_CHANNEL permissions.

earning server currency

  • every server comes with 3 default currency commands to earn
    or whatever the currency is in that server.
  • .snuggle, .pet, and .clickmallow are all able to be used by every single member.
  • in certain servers, you may see mimu randomly say something along the lines of, Quick! Pick up some
    with .pick!. When this message spawns, you're able to collect a set amount of currency using .pick
  • there are also a few additional gambling commands, known as .slots, .coinflip, and .rolldice. some servers may have disabled gambling, though, so don't rely on them!
  • servers may also have custom currency commands made with autoresponders. these also provide currency, but not every server has them.
  • some users may also .drop currency for others to .pick.

managing mimu as a server manager/mod/etc.

  • everything is configured through the .set command! all settings and be found there.
  • for more information on each setting, type .set [setting]
  • you can change/set each setting with .set [setting] [what you're setting it to]
  • for example, to change the prefix to ?, you would run .set prefix ?
  • as a server manager, you're able to edit settings such as how much users are receiving daily/if picks are set/how much you'd like to tax users/etc.. the list goes on! mimu is highly customizable in this aspect.

customizing currency & earning rates

  • to change your server's currency, use the .set currency [symbol/emote]command. you can change your currency symbol to $,
    , or any symbol/emote that you wish.
  • if you'd like to have every user start off with an amount of currency when they join, run the .set startval # command. replace # with a number of your currency that you'd like every user to start with.
  • if you'd like every user's balance to be saved when they leave, run the .set savebal on command. this ensures that every user's balance will be saved on leave.

changing values for clickmallow/pet/snuggle

  • to change the amount earned per click on .clickmallow, you should use .set mallowval #, replacing # with whatever amount of currency you'd like users to earn per click.
  • you can also change the cooldown of .clickmallow, using .set mallowcooldown #. please note that the cooldown # is in minutes.
  • as well as changing the .clickmallow rates, you can also change the rates earned on .pet & .snug
  • to change .pet values, you can use .set workvalmin # & .set workvalmax #. please note that .work is an alias for .pet!
  • to change the cooldown, use .set workcooldown #. please note that the cooldown # is in minutes.
  • to change .snuggle values, you can use .set dailyvalmin # & .set dailyvalmax #. please note that .daily is an alias for .snuggle!
  • to change the cooldown, use .set dailycooldown #. please note that the cooldown # is in minutes.

configuring picks

  • along with default commands, you can also set up picks.
  • picks can be set up by using .set pickchannel #channel #channel . . . the channel(s) you mention is where mimu will spawn picks.
mimu can't spawn picks if it doesn't have access to the channel! make sure you have the adequate channel permissions turned on for mimu.
  • you may notice that you're earning less than you'd like from picks. luckily, you can customize those settings as well!
  • to change the values of what users earn from picks, use .set pickvalmin # & .set pickvalmax #. this sets the minimum and maximum amount of currency able to be earned on a successful pick.
  • to change whether you'd like users to type a code when picking, use .set pickhard. this prevents copy/paste.
example of a hard pick
  • if you'd only like one user to be able to pick at a time, use .set picktype single. this ensures that when a pick spawn, only one user can pick it up. the pick message stays until a person picks it up
  • if you'd like multiple users to be able to pick, use .set picktype multiple. this allows picks to be picked up by multiple users at a time, only lasting somewhere between 5-10 seconds.
  • want picks to spawn more/less often? use .set pickspeed [option]. the options are very fast/fast/medium/slow/very slow. for example, if i want my picks to spawn very often, i'd use .set pickspeed very fast.
  • picks only spawn in an active chat! they will randomly spawn while users are actively chatting.

configuring activity channels

  • activity channels are channels you can set where users can gain currency for actively chatting.
  • these are different than picks, as users earn this currency automatically without running a command.
  • the default cooldown for earning currency while activity channels are set is 30 seconds. so if a user sends 3 messages in 30 seconds, they will only receive currency for one of those messages, not all 3.
  • to set activity channel(s), use .set activitychannels #channel #channel . . .
  • you can also customize what amounts/how often a user will receive currency for being active.
  • to change the min/max, the commands .set activityvalmin #& .set activityvalmax # will do that.
  • PREMIUM SERVERS ONLY: only premium servers can change the cooldown of activity earning. to change the cooldown, the command is .set activitycooldown # . please note that the cooldown # is in seconds.

controlling gambling & taxes

  • you may notice that your users are earning more than you'd like off of gambling alone. you're able to control how much they're betting!
  • .set betmax # will change the maximum they're allowed to bet, whereas .set betmin # will change the minimum they're allowed to bet.
  • along with controlling gambling, you can also control how much they're receiving from other users or if they should be taxed while giving or dropping currency to another user.
  • to change the max/min of how much a user can give another, use .set transfermax #/.set transfermin # respectively.
  • in order to set a tax on giving/dropping currency, you must use .set transfertax #. please note that the # should be replaced with the percent you want users taxed.
  • for example, if i want a 5% tax on .give/.drop, i would run .set transfertax 5

role income

  • role income is a setting you can turn on to allow users to receive income if they have a certain role.
  • its usage is .set roleincome [hourly/daily/weekly] [value] [role]
  • non-premium servers can have up to 3 roles set for roleincome, whereas premium servers are allotted space for 10 roles.
  • to remove a role from earning income, use .set roleincome remove [role]