Mimu Bot

getting started

mimu comes equipped with a customizable, per-server currency system that can be managed by any user with the MANAGE_SERVER permissions.

✎ earning server currency

  • every server comes with 3 default currency commands to earn
    or whatever the currency is in that server.
  • /snuggle, /pet, and /clickcake are all able to be used by every single member, with clickcake being accessible to users who vote for the bot on our top.gg page.
  • in certain servers, you may see mimu randomly say something along the lines of, Quick! Pick up some
    with /pick!. When this message spawns, you're able to collect a set amount of currency using /pick
  • there are also a few additional gambling commands, known as /slots, /coinflip, and /rolldice. some servers may have disabled gambling, though, so don't rely on them!
  • servers may also have custom currency commands made with autoresponders. these also provide currency, but not every server has them.
  • some users may also /drop currency for others to /pick.

✎ managing mimu as a server manager/mod/etc.

  • everything is configured through the /settings command! all settings can be found there.
  • for a comprehensive guide on the currency settings, visit our settings page