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general/nonspecific embed
embeds aren't limited to things such as rules or welcome messages, they can be used for anything!

step one

  • create the embed by using .embed create general_embed
  • you can name the embed anything you'd like, however we strongly recommend naming it something simple and easy to remember.
creating your embed

step two

  • let's start to edit the embed to our liking!
  • remember to take a look at .embed if you ever forget what properties you'd like to edit.
you can edit any part of the embed to whatever you'd like! you can customize it to whatever you'd like to fit your server. this guide just goes through creating a common general embed.
  • editing the author: .embed edit author general_embed {server_name} | {server_icon}
  • want something else for the author? just replace {server_name} | {server_icon} with whatever text/possible image you'd like.
  • note: if you'd like an image in your author, its link must come after the |
editing the author to the server's name and icon.
  • editing the title: .embed edit title general_embed learn about our server!
  • is this embed for something else? just replace learn about our server with whatever text you'd like c:
editing our title to what we'd like
  • editing the description: .emb edit description general_embed let's get comfy at {server_name} c:
    > owned by: {server_owner}
    > created on: {server_createdate}
  • is this embed for something else? just replace all the text after general_embed with whatever description text you desire.
editing our description!
  • editing our thumbnail: .emb edit thumbnail general_embed {user_avatar}
editing our thumbnail to the user's avatar
editing our embed's image
  • editing the color: .emb edit color general_embed #607D3B
  • feel free to replace the hexcode at the end with any other hex code you'd like. if you need to find a hex code, click here
editing the color of the embed to a nice green c:
  • editing the footer: .emb edit footer general_embed thanks for learning with me!
  • adding a timestamp: .emb edit timestamp general_embed yes
editing the footer & adding a timestamp to our embed
  • . . . and we're done! we've created a general embed for our server.
  • we can either preview it in a channel using .emb preview general_embed or create an autoresponder for it.
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