changelog & details

a full list of EVERY change made with this update

1. all subscription tier information

view tier changes & pricing changes for more information regarding pricing changes

2. pet elite is worth more than ever!

  • now you will obtain 6 pet tickets upon claiming.

  • we're working on more improvements in the experience as well, please stay tuned.

3. changes in commands

  • /donate -> /purchase

  • claiming a key:

    • /claim premium -> /keys claim premium

    • /claim elite -> /keys claim elite

    • /claim tickets -> /keys claim tickets

  • viewing your keys:

    • upon your support, you will be sent the keys via mimu's dm. it'll look something like this.

    • you can also access these keys in the manage page or /keys list

4. payment flow

your first purchase

  1. to begin purchasing, head to /purchase

  2. it allows you to easily go through the options, as well as providing a quickstart guide with the 'not sure what anything is :(' option

  1. just select the purchase option you'd like, and you'll be allowed to checkout.

remember to turn on your DMs so that you receive a message when it's arrived. if your DMs are closed, rewards will still apply but you won't get a DM.

  1. when your payment goes through, you'll get a dm from mimu.

  2. for roles, badges, and other perks, head to the support server.

    note: we have plans to not require access to the support server for perks in the future, but it will have to wait until we fully sunset patreon. read more:swapping over as an existing patron: early patron badge & more!

manage your subscription within discord

you can click edit subscriptions to instantly adjust, cancel, or update payment information.

if by chance, your discord account gets compromised, or are unable to access your discord account anymore; and you want to adjust your billing, you can do so by heading to the billing login page.

failed payment reminders

  • if your payment method declines, you'll be given a reminder over discord dm to update your payment information.

add an additional monthly key

you can now all add key subscriptions - monthly! just head over to /purchase and add an extra one. you can still purchase individual keys, with discounts for bulk. for full information, read the pricing changes here.

per some users' request, we've also added the ability to purchase more keys - you can also purchase up to 300 at once now:

annual subscriptions

  • with this update, there are now annual subscriptions, allowing you to save 2 months' of your subscription cost!

  • if the subscription includes a key, you'll immediately recieve all 12 keys for the year.

5. enhanced security with locking your keys

one of our biggest pain points from users were key sniping, especially since commands are typically public. with key locking, fear no more!

  • by default, keys are now in a locked state.

    • note: any keys made on or before March 4, 12:00 ET are unlocked by default.

    • this is to ensure that any gifted keys that are unclaimed, prior, would still be possible to claim. you can re-lock them in /keys list.

  • keys that are locked can only be used on your account, and not by anyone else.

  • you can unlock them at /keys list at any time.

6. improved keys claiming process

better autocomplete to claim a key

bulk key claiming

double-confirmation before claiming

before claiming, it'll make you confirm that you want tickets, premium or elite.

7. tier changes, pricing changes

stripe significantly charges less fees for large transactions - but significantly more on smaller transactions in comparison to PayPal ( and Patreon. as a result, we're updating our pricing to reflect that. we haven't updated our pricing since 2020 so we have tried to balance out the pricing as best we can. most tiers have gotten a price decrease, and all tiers now have an annual subscription option.

the below prices are in USD.

note that the new system will only charge you in USD. if your bank has a different currency, your bank will likely have a small fee in the transaction (typically under 5%, but this may depend on your jurisdiction). however, the fee will likely be lower than the fee that Patreon was charging you (Patreon charged anywhere from 20-30% in conversion fees), which was why we made the decision to purely only charge USD.

pet caretaker

$1 + sales tax -> $1.49

or $14.99 / yearly (save $3)

mimu plus

previously called "mimu premium"

$5 + sales tax -> $4.99 or $49.99 / yearly (save $10)

custom mimu

previously called "my own mimu"

$25 + sales tax -> $19.99 or $199.99 / yearly (save $40)

individual keys: cheaper pricing!

key pricing is mostly unchanged, but due to the limitations of stripe billing, the model of which it works is a little bit different.


  • keys were $4 each, then keys after the 3rd would be $3.50 each

    • e.g. for 5 keys: $4 x 3 + $3.5 x 2 = $19

    • e.g. for 2 keys: $4 + $4 = $8

    • e.g. for 50 keys: $4 x 3 + $3.5 x 47 = $176.50


  • now provides a similar model, but at a less discounted price to encourage usage of /purchase instead:

    • keys are $4 each, then keys after the 3rd would be $3.80 each

  • /purchase now provides threshold-based key pricing. for most scenarios, the pricing is about the same as before, or cheaper.

    • $4 per key (unchanged)

    • 8% off for 3 or more keys

      • e.g. for 5 keys: $4 x 5 x (100-8%) = $18.4

    • 12% off for 20 or more keys

      • e.g. for 50 keys: $4 x 50 x (100-12%) = $176

role names

one feedback we got very often was that the role names were not intuitive, with users asking what "sugar pastries" was.

fun fact! the origination of "sugar pastries" was inspired by one of our earliest donators dating back in 2020!

  • sugar pastries -> supporter

  • premium beans -> stellar supporter

  • my own mimu -> celestial supporter

if at any point your roles are not synced properly, you can resync your roles via r.syncroles. please note that any roles pertaining to patreon subscriptions can be resynced by unlinking & relinking your discord to patreon.

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