Mimu Bot

your first autoresponder

♡ table of contents

✎ introduction

mimu's autoresponder feature, also known as custom commands, allows you to create functional commands in your server with customised responses and advanced variables.

the command base is /autoresponder.

interested in checking out some examples and ideas? click here!

✎ adding an autoresponder

  • to add an autoresponder, you have to use the /autoresponder add trigger: reply: command.
  • the trigger is what "triggers mimu" to respond with the response. this can be a word or phrase.
  • for example, if you want mimu to respond with hey cutie! when you type hi mimu! you would have to type /autoresponder add trigger:hi mimu! reply:hey cutie!
it is important that you make sure to split your autoresponder's trigger and response with the trigger: and reply: options
the slash command options when creating your AR
when sent, you successfully created your autoresponder!

✎ viewing your existing autoresponders

  • you can view your existing autoresponders by typing /autoresponder list.
viewing your autoresponder list

✎ editing an existing autoresponder

  • you can edit an existing autoresponder using /autoresponder editreply trigger:trigger reply:new response.
  • for example, /autoresponder editreply trigger:hi mimu! reply:heya there, cutie!

✎ deleting an autoresponder

  • you can delete an autoresponder using /autoresponder remove trigger:trigger
  • for example, to delete an existing responder hi mimu!, you can do /autoresponder remove hi mimu!.