.bake command with items

this command utilizes shop items and the modifyinventory feature, making your bake commands more accurate. this replaces the previous bake command, shown on the previous page.

✎ add your shop items

/shop add name: milk price:10 stock:0

/shop add name: wheat price:15 stock:0

/shop add name: egg price:5 stock:0

✎ autoresponder command

/autoresponder add trigger:.bake reply:{requireitem: milk | 3}{requireitem:wheat | 5}{requireitem:egg | 3}{modifyinv: milk | -3}{modifyinv:wheat | -5}{modifyinv:egg | -3}{range:10-25}{range1:25-40}{choose:[range]|[range1]}{modifybal:[choice]}{embed} with the ingredients in your inventory, you decided to make a cake! you sold it, earning [choice] {server_currency}!

for help with understanding how modifyinv works, please view the following guide:

pageadvanced iii: modifying inventory and using args

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