type "i agree" to verify

please make sure you have set up the verified role (instructions can be found in self-verification system)

for setting up button-style verify, check out click a button to verify

message autoresponder (users type 'i agree' or '.verify' to verify)

  1. at the end of your rules, we suggest typing something like "type i agree to gain access to the rest of the server ~ !" to guide new members joining your server.

  2. create an autoresponder with i agree or .verify

    /autoresponder add trigger:i agree reply:{dm}{delete}{embed:#ceb3af}{addrole: read n agreed to rules}hi ! thank you for agreeing to the rules of our server, {user}! you have gained access to the rest of the server.

{dm} - makes it dm the user instead, so it doesn't clog up your channel

{delete} - makes it autodelete the invoked autoresponder

{embed} - would make it embed with the default embed color of the server; in this case to customise the color, we used {embed:#ceb3af} instead

you can also link a premade embed with {embed:embed_name_here}. more information on embeds can be found in the guide: your first embed.

{addrole:} adds the specified role in the brackets, this is the verified role the remaining text is the message in the embed you're sending to them

{requirechannel:} - optionally, you can add {requirechannel:#verify} to limit the autoresponder to be done in the verification channel, so people cannot run this AR elsewhere.

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